Mini-woodland to take root

The Garden Club received a helping hand from the Beautification Committee in the form of a cheque for $2,000 towards the planting of a mini-woodland and picnic grove at the Seaman’s Hall.

‘We understand that planting a variety of trees in a group benefits birds and other wildlife more than single isolated trees,’ commented Lois Blumenthal in a press release.

The Garden Club

From left: Garden Club Treasurer Sheila Mackenzie; Vice President Selma Silva; Beautification Committee Treasurer Jovani Hessing; Garden Club Patron Mariko Jack; Beautification Committee Chairman Heather Bodden; and Garden Club President Lois Blumenthal. Photo: Submitted

The mini-woodland concept was originally presented to the Garden Club by Patricia Bradley, author of Birds of the Cayman Islands. Following that, Ann Stafford compiled a list of recommended trees.

The Garden Club has been collecting and propagating these trees as well as important underbrush plants like bullhoof and rosemary. ‘Our problem is that the ground at the Seaman’s Hall is hard-packed marl, so we needed funds to buy soil and rent equipment to dig the holes,’ said Mrs. Blumenthal. ‘Thanks to this assistance from the Beautification Committee we’ll be able to get started as soon as the Seamen finalize their driveway and parking lot design.’

The group hopes to begin planting during June to take advantage of the rains. Once established, the mini-woodland should need minimal care because the trees and other plants will all be Cayman Islands natives, adapted to the climate and conditions here.


The Garden Club of Grand Cayman is celebrating its 50th anniversary next year. Its aim is to promote an interest in and knowledge of gardening and all things related to the enjoyment of the natural beauty of the Cayman Islands; to undertake projects either alone or in concert with others to beautify our community; and to encourage the promotion of friendship and understanding among the many nationalities who live here and share an interest in gardening. For more information about the Garden Club or to become a member contact 916-6784 or email [email protected]

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