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Business in brief

Law firm HSM participated in the Layman E. Scott Sr. High School Career Fair, which helped to give students first-hand experience at applying for jobs and learning what career opportunities exist in the Cayman Islands.

EY aims to be carbon negative in 2021

Accounting and consulting firm EY aims to be carbon negative this year and net zero in 2025.

Business in brief

EY’s Robert Moncrieff, Global Insurance International and Transactions Tax Services leader, has joined the EY region of the Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands.

Margaritaville resort sued for million-dollar debt

A dozen people have petitioned the Grand Court’s Financial Services division to recoup debts from MV Advisory Ltd., the parent company of the now-closed Margaritaville Beach Resort and Spa on West Bay Road.

Fintech adoption expected to increase quickly

Earlier this summer, consulting firm EY released a report highlighting that financial technology (fintech) adoption among consumers nearly doubled over the past 18 months, and the adoption rate was growing faster than anticipated.

EY donates to hurricane relief

EY has donated $200,000 to Hurricane Dorian relief efforts in the Bahamas. Leadership of the EY region of the Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands will donate $100,000, with EY Americas matching that figure, to the Bahamas National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA).

EY appoints technology advisory partner

David McGibbon has joined the Advisory practice of EY’s Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands region as partner.

EY launches art program for seniors at National Gallery

Accounting firm EY is sponsoring a new program at the National Gallery aimed at bringing older members of the community to the gallery and other venues in each district to take part in social gatherings centered around heritage and culture.
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EY announces blockchain audit technology

Accounting firm EY has launched a suite of blockchain audit technologies with the ability to review cryptocurrency business transactions.

Business in brief: EY awards scholarships

EY has selected Jamal Hinds and Raidez Perez as the winners of this year’s EY Cayman Scholarships. The scholarships have a value of up to $30,000 a year for a maximum of five years until recipients have completed the minimum educational requirements to qualify as a CPA.

EY pledges US$300,000 to International College of the Cayman Islands

Accounting and consultancy firm EY has committed US$300,000 to the International College of the Cayman Islands to support the delivery and growth of the college’s programs.

Business in brief: RE/MAX launches real estate apprenticeship program

Digital forensics expert joins KRyS Global; EY wins top CPA firm at Captive Services Awards; HSM Group adds dispute resolution attorney; Butterfield scholarship recipient to study at Durham

European Union leads tax reform, Ernst & Young finds

European Union member states are driving tax reform with the implementation of recommendations made by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development under its base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) project, a new Ernst & Young report states.

Top stories of 2015: The year of the report

The theme for government in 2015 may well have been “The Year of the Report.” Ministers and civil servants have been going through a yearlong review of the EY Report, which calls for numerous government reforms.

Editorial Year in Review Economic prosperity, education

Compass editorials in 2015 on economic prosperity and education.

Festive music is in the air

East End Primary was the scene of festive songs and celebrations for the school’s annual Christmas musical, “A King is Coming to Town.”

Hedge funds respond to effects of regulations for prime brokers

Hedge fund managers are feeling the effects of new regulations for banks and prime brokers through increased trading fees and broader changes to their business relationships.

Lightning is the brightest

The fall roller hockey season at Kings Sports Centre is halfway through and the competition has been exciting, with many close battles and great competition.

Government and the EY Report: Why even bother?

The verdict is in: "Project Future" has no future.

EY Report update: Few job cuts, less outsourcing in gov’t plan

Although proposals will initially lead to few job losses and no outsourcing of functions to the private sector, the Cayman Islands government announced Monday that it would seek to move forward with a total of 51 recommendations derived from a 2014 consultant report.

Ministry pursuing millions in garbage fees

Cayman's government is still trying to collect trash fees from a decade ago.

Premier: EY report 'review' almost complete

The Cayman Islands government has nearly completed its year-long review of a consulting report that sought to both downsize and improve efficiency of the public sector.

Special Olympics athletes are healthy athletes in Cayman

Cayman Islands Special Olympics athletes gathered at the Lighthouse School on Saturday for the annual Healthy Athletes and Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day family event.

Silver lining at NARCH proves Cayman is on a roll

The Cayman National Youth Roller Hockey team took part in the North American Roller Hockey Championships finals for the third consecutive year and did as well as ever.

EY reform plan: One year later

It has been a year since the Cayman Islands government announced an ambitious public sector reform plan to restructure the civil service, amalgamate certain services, privatize others and sell off certain public assets.

 The reforms were based on a $155,000 consultant report done by EY, and although many of the recommendations were longer-term projects, Premier Alden McLaughlin said in April that six areas in particular had been identified as issues the government would pursue immediately.


One year later: Anyone remember the EY report?

Twelve months after the release of the EY report, we look up to see that the public sector has been downsized neither in size nor scope.

Speed limit immobility: Sign of the times

It is difficult to think of an act of governance more simple than setting a speed limit.

An argument against cruise berthing facilities

Caymanian Bo Miller makes an argument for why the cruise berthing project should not go ahead.

Dan Scott leaves Cayman Finance board after five years

Rohan Small, a partner at EY, will fill the open position.

The 'sanitized' schools report: Mystery solved

Mary Rodrigues, then chief officer of the Ministry of Education, ordered her staff members to rewrite a highly critical report on behavior in Cayman Islands government schools, according to emails the ministry fought to withhold from public view.

Pay raise, praise for civil servants

Cayman's government leaders praise the civil service, but warn of further changes ahead.

Back to basics: Garbage collection, airport parking

Failures in garbage collection billing and airport parking are illustrations of our government's major problems with what should be minor matters ... a running theme in the Cayman Islands public sector.

289 businesses not billed for trash

Fee exemptions for residential garbage customers were inadvertently extended to businesses.

Outreach artwork on display at National Gallery

Artwork by participants in the National Gallery outreach art programs, including prison inmates, the elderly, people with disabilities and recovering drug addicts, is on display at the gallery.

Queen's birthday brings much-merited recognitions

Across the world, British subjects marked the official birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with parades, pageantry and awards ceremonies. The celebrations had a particular added significance for those in the Cayman Islands who received special honors and recognitions.

Queen's Birthday honors: Derek Haines, Dan Scott awarded

Marathon man Derek Haines and financial services industry leader Dan Scott were recognized for their contributions to the Cayman Islands in the Queen’s Birthday honors list.

Premier: FOI 'unproductive use of time'

Support for open records laws in the Cayman Islands seems to be on the wane among government leaders.

The premier and FOI: From 'signal moment' to 'burden'

In the words of Premier McLaughlin from 2007, it's time “to tear off the shutters of the windows of the Glass House and let the sun shine in.”

CAIA launches Cayman Islands chapter

CAIA Cayman Islands will offer educational and networking opportunities for the alternative investment community.

Miller calls EY report 'a waste of money'

North Side MLA Ezzard Miller called the EY report a waste of money and said privitization of services seldom saves the government money.

Stars to host Fashion Week show

Events at Cayman Islands Fashion Week

Private sector advises on government 'media merger'

Cayman's government media communications apparatus goes under the microscope this week.

Government land sale could net $10M

Cayman's government will make far less from the sale of public lands than the $65 million a consultant's report indicated.

Premier insists EY reforms progressing

Cayman's government says progress is being made on civil service consolidation and reform.

Business in brief

Business in brief.

EY report six months later

A six-month progress update on the Ernst & Young government consulting report shows slow going.

EY Report: Another one bites the dust?

More than six months after the publication of the EY report, it appears we have another "dust gatherer" in the making.

EY's events were short and sweet

The EY Cayman Sprint Meet hosted by Stingray Swim Club at the Lions Aquatic Centre saw some of Cayman’s finest swimmers compete over the weekend.

Court rejects voluntary liquidation for Caledonian

The Grand Court has rejected an attempt by the shareholder of Caledonian to put the bank into voluntary liquidation.

Ex-MLAs on Turtle Farm: 'Stop wasting the public's money!'

John McLean and Truman Bodden say the government should fix its "Boatswain's Beach" mistake.

Prep thwarted

The EY Inter-School Hockey Tournament saw some great action over the weekend at Kings Sports Centre.

FTI grabbed Gaelic showpiece

The Gaelic football season is about to start, and as a warm-up, a mixed 9s tournament at the Cayman International School field in Camana Bay was held on Saturday.

Postal Service: On stamps, and duties

Fraught with inefficiences, failures and finger-pointing, the Cayman Islands Postal Service is a poster child for dysfunctional government.

2014 Year in Review

A month-by-month review of the Cayman Islands' top new stories in 2014.

Chelsea can't afford to ease up

The Premier League season has hit the halfway point with Chelsea at the top of the table and reigning champions Manchester City in hot pursuit.

Echoes of 2014: A year of strong editorial opinions in the Compass

The Editorial Board has compiled selections from some of the most provocative editorials published in the Cayman Compass this year, at least in our opinion.

Bo Miller's infrastructure fund set for 2015 launch

An infrastructure fund that will allow Cayman Islands residents to invest in major capital works will be registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Association in January and will be in a position to bid for public and private sector projects in 2015, according to its founder.

New option mooted for police complaints

Plans for an independent complaints authority to investigate public grievances about the police could be shelved in favor of moving that role into a new ombudsman’s office.

Information commissioner responds to Compass editorial

I have just read the editorial in the Compass this morning (Dec. 11), and I’d like to respond.I sincerely appreciate your kind words of...

Shifting allocations drive hedge funds to new products

As institutional investors are no longer increasing their allocations to hedge funds, hedge fund managers bet on new products to drive growth.

Academies examined in review of Cayman Islands schools

A review of the Cayman Islands education system will include an assessment of the suitability of U.K.-style academies in the territory.

Government-owned media face merger

Cayman's government will merge its various media-related entities into one unit.

Cayman’s revenue problem

Cayman's problem with revenue is the government has far too much of it.

Public projects could ‘easily’ cost Cayman $1 billion

Cayman has already hit the ceiling on borrowing, but a government consultant warns it may also have reached its limit on taxes.

‘Project Future’: How far into the future?

The government's establishment of a "Project Future Steering Committee" is an early and easy, but important, step toward cutting the size and cost of the Cayman Islands civil service.

‘Project Future’ committee to implement EY report

The Cayman Islands government’s quest to downsize and improve the local civil service has taken another step forward.

Running government by committee

Leading by committee, consensus and constant checking of the public pulse is not leading at all. The process to enact a minimum wage in the Cayman Islands is especially instructive.

Taxpayers’ bill doubles to insure retired civil servants

Cayman Islands taxpayers are footing nearly double the bill for retired civil servants when it comes to paying for health insurance premiums.

Business in brief

A roundup of local business news.

Government won’t sell Radio Cayman

Radio Cayman, the Water Authority and the Government Administration Building won't be sold, despite being among the recommendations of the EY report, Premier Alden McLaughlin announces.

It’s time for our leaders to get off the sidelines

Cayman's "best and brightest" cannot remain above and aloof from our rough-and-tumble political discourse.

Report: Gov’t IT ‘customer service’ poor

Cayman's government is poised to shake up its computer services department, one way or another.

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