New attorney makes the grade

The son of a doctor and an attorney might be expected to do well at his studies.

Attorney Edward Albert Caudeiron has done well, with his most recent achievement being his call to the Bar of the Cayman Islands on 5 June. People concerned about the state of education on this island may be especially interested to know that the honours degrees cited at his admission ceremony were preceded by attendance at local schools.

Mr. Caudeiron, eldest child of Dr. Edward C. Caudeiron and Attorney Terrence Caudeiron, attended St. Ignatius Grade School, George Hicks Middle School and John Gray High School, graduating in 1998.

He then spent one year at United World College of the American Southwest in New Mexico, USA, before coming back home to the Cayman Islands Law School.

Attorney Christopher Russell, Ogier senior counsel who formally moved the application for admission, summed up what happened next when he referred to Mr. Caudeiron’s ‘unusually distinguished academic record’.

First he took a very good degree at the law school, from the University of Liverpool, in 2002. This enabled him to study for a master’s degree at the London School of Economics – one of the world’s most prestigious law schools, Mr. Russell said.

Not only did Mr. Caudeiron obtain his Master of Laws degree, he did so with merit. ‘That is a rare distinction at the LSE,’ Mr. Russell explained.

Mr. Caudeiron was called to the bar of England and Wales as a member of the Inner temple in November 2004. He took a post-graduate diploma in legal and professional skills. He became a member of the Institute for Advanced Legal Studies and of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law.

He then returned to Cayman toward the end of 2004 and completed his articles with Ogier.

Mr. Russell said the law firm had valued Mr. Caudeiron’s legal skills and noted his liveliness and enthusiasm. ‘He is a young man of forthright integrity – perhaps the most important for an aspiring advocate,’ the senior attorney commented.

Given Mr. Caudeiron’s personal interest in the arts and sports, his academic distinction and legal background, Mr. Russell predicted a meaningful advocacy for the new attorney.

Mr. Justice Alex Henderson, who presided at the ceremony, said he could tell that Mr. Caudeiron had applied himself diligently and had formed work habits that would stand him in good stead in the legal profession. ‘Learning the law is a lifelong endeavour that never ends,’ he pointed out.

He looked forward to seeing the new attorney in court.

Mr. Caudeiron has experience in business and financial law, including company formation and investment funds, as well as litigation, which includes family and criminal law, insolvency and appeals to statutory tribunals.

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