CPHS student is a high flyer

Jamie McDowall, a Year 13 student at Cayman Prep and High School was recently presented with a prestigious offer from the United States Air Force Academy.

Mr. McDowall has maintained an outstanding record at CPHS, achieving a very high standard academically, commented CPHS Principal Jean Bahadur.

He also excelled as a saxophone player, being a leading member of the school’s senior band. He also served as Head Boy, proving an excellent mentor to younger students.

Mr. McDowall was offered places at Ivy League institutions but chose instead to join the United States Air Force – a long-time aspiration.

‘The Air Force has been a dream of mine from a young age,’ he said. ‘My grandfather was in the Air Force, and I have always loved flying since I was a little kid going on vacation.’

The school is in Colorado Springs, and offers officer training – including six weeks of basic training – as students attend classes. Upon completion of the four-year program, students graduate with a bachelor of science degree in engineering.

‘After graduation, students either choose the piloting track or the engineering track,’ he explained. ‘My aim is to take the piloting track.’

Mr. McDowall has been extremely focused on achieving this goal against very keen competition.

There are several requirements necessary for applying to the USAFA. ‘You need all-round good academics and extra-curricular activities,’ said Mr. McDowall. ‘The other aspect is to get a nomination from a senator or congressman.’

Mr. McDowall also surpassed this element of the application process, gaining a nomination from two senators and one congressman from Missouri, his mother’s home state.

Mrs. Bahadur said CPHS is extremely proud of Mr. McDowall’s accomplishments and wish him all the best for his future.

‘We congratulate Jamie on his considerable achievement,’ she said. ‘And we know he will continue to do us proud as he joins the class of 2010 at the Academy.’

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