Bring back tennis courts

Firstly, belated congratulations on your 40th birthday. I well remember your birth and infancy.

Secondly, I would like, again rather belatedly, to thank and congratulate Mr. George R. Ebanks on his letter of 10 October, 2005, under the heading Bodden Town Park needs tennis courts.

As a regular visitor to Clearwater Beach in Pinellas County and environs in the Tampa Bay, Florida, area I cannot help but notice the number of available county and/or city owned community recreational facilities, most of which include free public tennis courts and swimming pools.

Also, most if not all schools have tennis facilities in addition to the usual other sports facilities.

Let me say that my interest in tennis has resurfaced in recent years due to my wife Julie’s dedication and unwavering interest in all aspects of the sport. A major part of her participation is in programs and tournaments, which are meant to develop interest and involvement particularly among less privileged children from the so-called inner city areas during their holiday months.

One such is a program sponsored by tennis great Jim Courier. Cardio Tennis is also now becoming very popular among the adults.

In my humble opinion, the provision of tennis courts should automatically be included in the initial planning stages of all new schools and indeed added to existing schools where space allows.

I include recently developed and proposed district parks and I must add my personal thanks and gratitude to the Dart family for its commendable involvement in this.

Before closing, and on an historical note, many Caymanians and especially the younger ones may not know that George Town had a tennis court as far back as the 1930s, if not before.

It was situated between the homes of the late Dr. Roy McTaggart and Mr. Otto Hurlston. I do believe that Commissioner Hutchings and family (daughters) played a part in having that built.

If there is anyone with further knowledge of its history, please let the media know or contact me by e-mail, [email protected].

I am also sure that many old photos have survived as well and should be of great interest to many who remember that delightful era in our Island’s history.

A. Colin Panton

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