Sad times for music

It saddens me to see what Cayman is coming to; foreigners against Caymanians, Caymanians against foreigners and now Caymanians against Caymanians.

Mr. Don Seymour’s callous stand against local music is depressing.

What Mr. Seymour seems to be forgetting is that though his stations are private property, the airwaves are not.

That’s why radio stations have to obtain a licence; that’s why we have the ICTA; that’s why we have rules concerning foul language and profane lyrics.

The airwaves belong to the people of the Cayman Islands including myself and every other musician who has recorded good, quality music.

So I say Mr. Seymour, don’t keep us off airwaves that rightfully belong to us.

I would like to thank Radio Cayman and The Rooster FM for their support in playing my music over the years.

Andy Martin – The Caymanian Cowboy

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