Local music is offered

The heart and core of Caribbean music is the pan.

As a local musician who makes his living playing the pan (steel drum) I am appalled at Mr. Don Seymour’s stubborn stand at not supporting our local music.

Mr. Seymour owns the only all-Caribbean music station in these islands. His radio tag says ‘we play music from the Caribbean’ and yet Mr. Seymour rarely plays music from these Caribbean islands, my home Grand Cayman.

Over the years I have worked with the youth teaching the pan at nearly every public and private school on Grand Cayman.

As a teacher and arranger I can safely say these islands are bursting with talent, especially young musicians that may never receive fair exposure on our local radio.

It’s been at least one month since I delivered four of my Caribbean CDs to Mr. Seymour’s Caribbean station; as of today I have not heard one single song aired.

What is the possible excuse for not playing my music?


Pan music is Caribbean music.


My music has been recorded in top-notch studios with first class musicians.


Maybe that’s the problem.

Is it because I’m Caymanian that my music is not being aired in the Cayman Islands?

Over the years I have done my share for the community, playing free for charities, giving free lessons to children and representing the Cayman Islands at shows overseas.

Now it’s payback time Mr. Seymour.

Our government has granted you permission to use our airwaves so please play local music.

Earl LaPierre – Steel Pan player Music arranger, teacher

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