Hydration vital for skin

The Island Luxe body treatment at the Silver Rain spa in the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman will leave your body glowing and radiant.

This is because of the treatment’s extreme hydrating effects, which refreshes and maintains skin.

Skin, as the largest living organ on the human body, is often one of the most neglected.

It is well-known the many don’t get the recommended amount of two litres of water a day. Also, in terms of regular skincare, such as cleansing, toning and moisturising, people often disregard these steps as unnecessary aspects of their overall health that take up time and money.

However, it is vital to keep your skin hydrated. The key is that it is also necessary for the skin to have fatty acids and Omega-3s in order to reproduce. These are received from oils.

The problem of combining moisture hydration and oil application is solved in the Island Luxe treatment at the Silver Rain Spa.

The treatment involves all-over exfoliation with la prairie’s Essential Exfoliator. ‘This is a mild exfoliator that uses apricot seeds (to remove any dead skin cells),’ explained Massage Therapist Paul Phillips.

After this, la prairie’s Cellular Hydralift Firming Mask is applied to hydrate the skin, while heated mitts are placed on hands and feet to ensure absorption of the mask, as the heated mitts open up the body’s pores to allow for maximum absorption.

Once the mask has absorbed, it is removed in the Spa’s 12-jet shower, a luxurious massage in itself. The shower covers every inch of your body, ensuring that all products are removed, while also adding further moisture to your skin.

When you return to the massage table, the hydration process begins. All products are applied with massage-like techniques to encourage and stimulate blood flow and detoxification. ‘There are four stages to the hydration process,’ said Mr. Phillips.

‘The first stage of the hydration process is a heated towel compress, which again opens pores,’ stated Mr. Phillips. This allows you to receive the maximum benefit from the hydration products.

Afterwards, la prairie’s Cellular Hydrant Serum is applied. This serum, which is oil-based, is the key element of the Island Luxe treatment to combining oil application with moisture hydration.

‘The serum binds water molecules to trap moisture so that it does not escape from your pores,’ said Mr. Phillips. This means that you can remain hydrated even in a warm or drying environment.

A softening and balancing lotion is then applied, which softens and prepares skin for the final application of la prairie’s Skin Caviar Body Emulsion. ‘This firms and tones your skin,’ explained Mr. Phillips.

The Island Luxe treatment leaves your body in a true state of island luxury. It is available for 60 minutes or 90 minutes and the difference lies purely in the amount of massage time you get. Massage helps to increase circulation and awaken the skin’s complexion.

To book an appointment at the Silver Rain Spa at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, or for more information on the treatments they offer, phone 815-6900.


La prairie products are used exclusively in the Silver Rain Spa.

For the past 25 years, the de-aging treatment products of la prairie have been used worldwide, originating from The Clinic la prairie in Montreux, Switzerland.

Products such as the ingenious Smart Cream, a facial cream that contains nutrients that focus specifically on problem areas of your skin, rather than treating the whole surface the same, are available for purchase from the Silver Rain Spa.

La prairie’s makeup line and shampoo, body gel and conditioner are also welcome additions to the skincare line.

‘We always say if you’re going to go home with one product, go home with a de-ager,’ said Jodie Morris, Departmental Trainer at the Silver Rain Spa.

‘They’re all serums, so they work from the inside out, whereas creams work from the outside in.’

There are six different serums that all aim at different areas of women’s skin.

For more information on la prairie products, or to purchase them, call the Silver Rain Spa at 815-6900 or visit the Spa or Silver Rain Retail Store at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman on West Bay Road.

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