OBE recipient celebrates at home

Huw Moses, the managing partner of Appleby Spurling Hunter, decided the best place to receive his Queen’s Honour, the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire medal was right here in the Cayman Islands.

Mr. Moses, 45, received the award from Governor Stuart Jack last Saturday in recognition for his actions in relation to Hurricane Ivan in September, 2004.

Recipients can choose to receive the award at Buckingham Palace, but Mr. Moses thought it more appropriate to receive it here.

‘The award was in recognition for my assistance to the Cayman people and to the financial services industry following the hurricane,’ he said, adding, ‘Cayman is where I live. It’s my home.’

Mr. Moses said he felt that since the efforts that earned him the award were very Cayman-oriented, it would have almost been a snub to the people of the Cayman Islands to accept it elsewhere.

‘Other people receive it at Buckingham Palace and I don’t have a problem with that, but for me, I felt it was the right decision [to receive it here],’ he said.

Mr. Moses’ efforts started even before Ivan hit Grand Cayman when he opened the doors to Appleby Spurling Hunter’s offices at the Clifton House to families, friends and even pets. By the time Ivan was in full force, Hotel Clifton – as it came to be called then – sheltered 50 adults, six children, six dogs, two cats and a hamster.

In the days immediately following the hurricane, Mr. Moses was instrumental in organising meetings at the Clifton House to discuss the recovery process with important players in the private sector and government.

Mr. Moses also became a trustee of the Cayman Islands Recovery Fund, which was set up by Appleby Spurling Hunter and later consolidated with the National Recovery Fund.

Receiving his award in Cayman allowed Mr. Moses to share the honour with his friends, colleagues and associates, who he said were of vital support to him after Ivan. Mr. Moses invited many of those supporters to a lavish celebration last Sunday night at Grand Old House.

‘I’m very pleased and proud to have received the award, but I couldn’t have done what I did without the whole army of support behind me,’ he said. ‘I just happened to be a person with the right skill set and in the right position to help.

‘It was just a matter of doing what needed to be done, and doing one’s duty to the country,’ he added.

Howell Moses, Huw’s father, said he was not surprised by his son’s take-charge efforts after the hurricane.

‘One of Huw’s characteristics is determination,’ he said. ‘Once he decides on a course of action, nothing will deflect him from doing what he thinks needs to be done.’

The elder Mr. Moses said he was very proud of his son.

‘I think the Queen has very good taste,’ he said.

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