Rental prices too high

Rental prices have gone down?

Have you looked in the Friday section of your own newspaper?

I used to rent a three bedroom two bathroom, one half of a duplex, in George Town before Ivan for CI$1,400.

You can barely get a one bedroom in George Town for that price now!

I’d like to know where you are hearing that rental prices are going down…better yet, pass on to me some deals about apartments for rent because right now my family pays 40 per cent of our take home pay for rent (and we are lucky because our utilities are included) for a two bedroom apartment. That leaves 60 per cent to pay for everything else and try to save to buy a house.

Are the rental prices geared toward expat professionals in the banking, financial services and insurance industries?

Seems so.

Who else can pay CI $2,000 a month plus utilities for an apartment, unless you pack about six paying people in there.

Sure, as you say in your editorial, there is a definite increase in the rental stock, but the prices have all stayed the same.

No wonder Caymanians can’t own a house in our own country.

Mary Bush

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