Putting Indies facts straight

Let’s put the facts straight: I lead a group of over 230-plus ex Indies Suites club members in a legal fight to get some of the money that some 500-plus ex-club members invested in Indies Suites.

Indies Suites was sold in January 2005 at a US$1.5 million-plus profit.

For the next three months owner Ronnie Foster said face to face to ex-club members that were visiting the island and the rest of us through the press that he was still working on trying the rebuild Indies Suites.

When he finally had to admit that the property had been sold we all get a letter saying ‘we had all had fun at Indies Suites, was over, and we should all move on’—no offer of any monies to the ex-club members. He blamed the insurance company for not offering enough money to rebuild.

While our legal action did not get what we all felt was the appropriate amount of money back, before we were offered zero and settled for US$0.20 on the US$1 invested.

So this is part of the action and treatment that Bob and Nancee Norri say they ‘loved’ from the Fosters etc.

We do all agree with them that Indies Suites was a great set up to visit Grand Cayman.

When Diana Cole was eventually involved with me in working out the settlement process she was very cooperative and professional. She had sold many of the ex-club members their interest in Indies Suites.

Right after Ivan she left Cayman and all the ex-club members had to fend for themselves, only commenting that Ronnie Foster was a fair person and would do ‘the right thing’. He somewhat did in the end only after a legal battle against Indies Suites by our group.

This event is all over and done but unfortunately for the Cayman people and economy most of the 500-plus ex- club members have noted they will never return to Cayman, my family included, meaning an annual loss of some US$3M in spending in the Cayman Islands.

While not blowing my own trumpet Bob and Nancee Norri state their thanks to Ron and Bunny Foster and Diana Cole for completing the enormous task of settling the Indies Suites property. Never a word to me or anyone in our group through whose efforts they got even a dime. All my thousand of hours I donated free to the group was more than repaid since the settlement with kind words of thanks etc from our entire group of 230-plus ex-club members.

Maybe if Bob and Nancee Norri were so happy with Indies Suites handling of this whole event and did nothing to help to get any sort of settlement, remember they would have gotten zero without our effort. Maybe they would consider donating their settlement refund to the continuing rebuilding effort in Cayman.

Rod Broome

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