Youth for Christ hires youth worker

Youth for Christ has hired its first full-time youth worker.

Kellie Surratt, a graduate of Pfeiffer University in North Carolina, USA, will be primarily responsible for reviving the YouthPlace youth centre activities.

Ms Surratt graduated with a major in Human Services and a minor in Child Psychology.

Other responsibilities will include speaking at youth group meetings and assisting with Volunteer and Youth Leadership Training.

‘I hope to spread the message of love to the youth here on the island. There are many who are lost, and caught up in the wrong activities, but God is love and that’s what I desire to teach,’ said Ms Surratt.

She listed Teen Time at the Youthplace Youth Centre, Bible Studies and afterschool programmes as some of the initiatives she hopes to work on.

Ms Surratt has a passion for ministry in song and is willing to share her gift in churches and other Christian functions.

‘Since I was a little girl I have been singing,’ said Ms Surratt. ‘Music is powerful, and it’s the one way people of all ages – youth to elderly – can be reached by a single word.’

Ms Surratt, having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, said her studies have prepared her well for this position.

‘I have been able to work with youth in various settings such as youth ministry, prison fellowship ministry and teen pregnancy counselling [throughout my studies],’ she stated.

‘I would recommend my course of studies to young Caymanians, especially those who enjoy exercising interpersonal skills,’ said Ms Surratt.

Even if young people don’t want to follow her exact career path, Ms Surratt still believes her studies are worthwhile for anyone to pursue.

‘In the human services field there is also a wide spectrum of career choices, which offer the opportunity to work with all different age groups, from children to adults.’

If you would like to find out more about youth programmes at Youth for Christ, call 945-8561.

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