Youngster designs award-winning logo

Illustrates Bosun’s Adventure Club

Boatswain’s Beach, the new home of the Cayman Turtle Farm, recently announced Jack Widmer as the winner of its Bosun’s Adventure Club logo drawing competition.

The competition was geared toward all young artists on the three islands between the ages of four to 12.

The students were asked to design a logo for the new upcoming membership club, Bosun’s Adventure Club, which is scheduled to launch this summer.

Eighty public and private school students from across the island submitted their drawings for the new logo, states a press release.

The turnout was so impressive that the judges included a first, second, and third runner-up to the list of finalists. These included 1st runner up Corriel Orriet (age 12, Wesleyan Christian Academy), second runner up Jonathon McField (age 11, Lighthouse School), and third runner up Brittany Parsaligan (age 8, George Town Primary).

All submissions were on display in the Reception Building on Resident’s Day where all residents entered the park for free.

Twelve-year-old Jack Widmer won the over-all competition with his fun, unique, and creative image. Jack attends Cayman Prep and High School and is in grade eight.

Jack, along with three of his friends, will each receive free annual membership passes to Boatswain’s Beach when the park officially opens. Jack will also be recognized on the website as a contributor to the membership club.

Jack explained to Marsha Ebanks, Product Development officer at Boatswain’s Beach that he was excited to have won the competition.

‘I thought of all of the things that made Boatswain’s Beach unique, put them together in a fun way, viewing them through a port-hole. My older brother, who is also an artist, inspired my design of the shark. I added a straw hat to the Cayman Parrot to keep the Caymanian experience alive in the drawing. I will definitely be using my membership this summer.’

With summer quickly approaching and the need to entertain hundreds of kids for a span of three months Bosun’s Adventure Club comes right in the nick of time.

Through the membership club families can now have exclusive benefits to the park. The club will offer adventure and entertainment, education and conservation opportunities while immersing the member in the historical Caymanian culture and natural heritage.

This VIP status will afford the member unlimited annual admission for children 12 and under with a 50 per cent discount (on normal entry fee) on entry all year for member parents. It will also allow the following: discounts on merchandise and dining as well as opportunities to become involved with conservation activities, including the Turtle Adoption Program, and discounts on travel to other cultural, and marine attractions around the world. Each member will receive a monthly newsletter, special invites to Boatswain’s Beach events, a welcome package with super membership paraphernalia as well as an Adventurer VIP card.

For more information on this up-coming adventure contact Marsha Ebanks via email at [email protected] or 949 3894.

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