Humane Society launches new fundraiser

A new fundraising initiative has been launched by the Cayman Islands Humane Society providing a novel gift idea.

‘Cayman residents love to buy friends and family meaningful gifts, and a donation to help the Humane Society care for destitute and abused animals is a fantastic way to honour a birthday or special occasion thanks to our new Gift Card initiative,’ explained board member Clare Hasart.

A minimum donation of CI$5 buys one of three specially designed cards, which the society will send to the recipient announcing a donation has been made in their honour.

Included in the designs is a memorial card. The bereaved will be sent a card acknowledging a donation was given to honour their loved one’s memory which will live on in the work of the Humane Society.

‘The idea was actually suggested to us by a visitor from New England who had popped into the shelter to make a donation whilst on vacation. We loved the idea and recognized it will provide a worthy alternative to buying the same old gifts year after year or even save some frantic minutes of brain-racking trying to think of a suitable gift for friends and loved ones. It’s a gift that gives,’ said Ms Hasart.

Plans are afoot for a special Christmas Gift card and new designs will continue to be added ensuring there is a card to suit all occasions.

The cards are available from reception at the Cayman Islands Humane Society Animal Shelter 949-1461 and the Brac Branch 948-2625.

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