Students learn about summer safety

Community Police Officer Alexander Schulz made a special visit to George Town Primary School on Monday to speak with Year 1 through Year 6 students about the importance of staying safe during the summer holidays.

Speaking to some 140 students PC Schultz stressed the importance of staying safe at all times, in and out of the water this summer.

PC Schultz advised students to:

Play in a safe place;

Never swim without being accompanied by an adult;

Never wander off on your own; always stay within sight of an adult;

Look both ways before crossing the street (walking not running);

Wear safety equipment; e.g. helmets whilst riding / skating correctly;

Always ride on the correct side of the road;

Always wear a seat belt whilst travelling in a vehicle.

Officer Schultz also discussed the proper use of the 911 system, explaining to the children how and when to utilize 911, and the differences between an emergency and a non-emergency.

‘I am happy to go into any school in the South Sound area and help educate the children in safety matters,’ he said. ‘They are always very responsive and excited when an officer visits and I have found that they listen attentively to what I have to share with them.’

PC Schultz added: ‘The earlier that the children realize that police officers are their friends and are always approachable, the more trusting the relationship in later years.’

PC Alex Schultz can be contacted on 916-6023.

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