Boatswain’s Beach offers summer fun

This summer Boatswain’s Beach will be offering opportunities for the public to get involved with some of the great programs and features at the Park through various summer programs.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp for kids, ages six through 13, will begin the week of 10 July and continue through the week of 1 September. Camp will run Mondays through Fridays from 8am until 3.30pm.

Each child will receive a morning and afternoon snack, lunch and a camp pack. They will have the option of joining for a day or participating in a fun-filled week.

Each week will consist of four different themes: ‘Wet and Wild’ Mondays and Fridays consist of snorkelling in Breakers lagoon, SNUBA, learning about water safety and reef life.

Give your child the opportunity to play aviculturist for a day on ‘Birds and Trees’ Tuesdays; touring and learning about the different birds in the aviary and various flora and fauna on the nature trail. ‘Heritage’ Wednesdays submerges the child in historical culture teaching them how to make traditional arts and crafts, play old time games and hear stories about the ‘olden days’.

Let your child play Turtle Keeper for a day on Thursday’s ‘Turtle Farming’ day. They will learn to be a tour guide and get to visit the hatchery where they might see a little hatchling making its way out of the shell.

Kids Free Week

As a special summer incentive Boatswain’s Beach will be holding several ‘Kid’s Free Week’ events for children 12 and under. During the weeks of 24-28 July, 7-11 August and 21-25 August you can bring your kids free to the Cayman Turtle Farm. They will have the opportunity to see the magnificent turtles weighing between 300-600 pounds swimming in the breeding pond, or take a photo holding one of the yearlings at the display tanks.

They can also visit the Turtle Crawl Deli for a great lunch, or check out the retail store and shopping arcade.

Turtle nesting tour

But all the fun isn’t just for kids! Adults and children age 12 and up can join the Animals Program Team on a Turtle Nesting Night Tour.

Turtle Nesting Night Tours start the end of June and run through the end of August. These tours are minimal, running twice a week, and must be booked in advance to guarantee a spot.

Join the Animals Program Team under the stars while they watch a spectacular process of nature as the big breeders make their way from the Breeding Pond out onto the sand to lay their eggs. It is a marvellous sight to witness.

There are two types of tours being conducted: a custom and an educational tour. Each tour provides the opportunity to help the Night Watch Team move the eggs into Styrofoam boxes to be carried to safety in the Hatchery.

Adventure Club

Also on the list of great summer events is the launch of the ‘Bosun’s’ Adventure Club.

Through the membership club families can now have exclusive benefits to the Park. The club will offer adventure and entertainment, education and conservation opportunities while immersing the member in the historical Caymanian culture and natural heritage.

This VIP status will afford the member unlimited annual admission for children 12 and under with a fifty percent discount (on normal entry fee) on entry all year for member parents. It will also allow the following: discounts on merchandise and dining as well as opportunities to become involved with conservation activities, including the Turtle Adoption Program, and discounts on travel to other cultural and marine attractions around the world.

Each member will receive a monthly newsletter, special invites to Boatswain’s Beach events, a welcome package with super membership paraphernalia as well as an Adventurer VIP card.

To find out more information, or sign up for any of these great Boatswain’s Beach summer programs please call the Box Office at 949-3894.

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