Minister takes art trek

Minister Alden McLaughlin was invited to take time out of his busy schedule for a personal tour of artist’s Leulan Bodden’s unique gallery, Nas Art, Wednesday.

Mr. Bodden, an electrician by trade, has been a professional artist for the past five years, and presented the minister with one of his more recent works during the visit – an untitled seascape painting on coconut trash and stretched over bamboo.

He personally showed Mr. McLaughlin some of his favourite art pieces and sculptures and talked about the inspiration behind many of the works, including The Rain Catcher, a sculpture made from driftwood, and an abstract acrylic on canvas painting, The Sting.

Commenting on the artist’s work, Mr. McLaughlin said: ‘They are all fascinating.’

The minister took time to examine the artist’s work and picked out some of his own favourite pieces.

During his visit, Mr. McLaughlin was even shown the gallery’s restroom facilities – equally imaginatively decorated as the rest of Nas Art and piled high with the artist’s works.

Nas Art Gallery, located on Palm Dale, Crewe Road, is a testament to the artist’s creativity, the building itself is as unique and imaginative as the artwork it houses. Styled in the form of a dog’s head, elegant sphinxes guard the elaborate entrance.

Nas Art has been open for the past three years and occupies the space of the former Cody’s Closet. Viewings are by appointment only. Contact the artist on 916-3199.

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