Students thank X107.1

Savannah Primary School’s Head boy Aaron Mackey and Prefect Kimberly Wood made a surprise visit to the X107.1 studios 16 June to present the radio station with a thank-you card, created and signed by the pupils.

The gesture was made in appreciation of X107.1’s efforts in hosting school sports days at Savannah Primary School and Public Beach, as part of the Generali Be Active programme – a children’s health and fitness program.

X107.1’s Program Director, J-Kruz, and on-air personality, Lana hosted the sports days, in which the children played a variety of games including kayaking, snorkelling, tug-of-war, kick scooter obstacle courses, and other team building exercises.

The school’s coordinator Elena Waysome thanked the X107.1 on-air talent for ‘one of their best days this school year.’

Commented J-Kruz, Program Director for X107.1: ‘X107.1 would like to thank the school for its generosity in creating such a fantastic card. It is wonderful to know that the children enjoyed the day as much as we did. Lana and myself both had a fantastic time encouraging the youth of Cayman to Be Active. X107.1 is committed to helping young people in our community. The Generali Be Active programme is a great way to make children aware of the benefits of following a healthy, active lifestyle.’

X107.1 has held numerous Generali Be Active sports days for children on the Island, and is holding another today at the West Bay Primary playing fields.

Be Active is a children’s fitness and healthy eating program developed by the insurance company Generali in cooperation with students, teachers, parents, community leaders and health professionals in the Cayman Islands. Generali has partnered with a number of companies on the island, including X107.1, to create and deliver educational messaging about healthy behaviours to kids throughout Cayman and help to create a healthier next generation. For more information visit

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