Demolition planned

The Glass House government administration building will be demolished and the property it sits on turned into a public park, Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts said Friday.

The demolishing will not occur until the two new planned government accommodation buildings are completed, which is estimated to be within two years, Cabinet Minister Alden McLaughlin said.

‘What is proposed [for the Glass House site] is an approximately one-acre public park with trees, gardens and seating,’ he said.

One of the new government administration buildings will be constructed on the property next to the Glass House, while the other one will be built on a site outside of town.

The Glass House is more than 30 years old. Because of fire code issues, the Governor’s Office moved from the building last summer. The government decided it would not be cost efficient to make the renovations necessary for continued use.

The Government also wants its key buildings to be rated to withstand a Category 5 hurricane in the future. The Glass House currently holds the offices of most government Ministries, the Cabinet Office, the Chief Secretary’s Office, the Financial Secretary’s office and other important government offices.

In addition to making the decision on the Glass House, Mr. Tibbetts said the Cabinet has decided not to sell any of the Tower Building property. That property instead will be used partially to expand the parking area for the Legislative Assembly, and the remainder held for other possible future government uses, Mr. McLaughlin said.

‘We had a number of proposals to buy the property, but we decided not to sell it,’ he said. ‘We have no plans for the property, but we’re cognisant of the fact that 20 years from now, we might need it.’

In the interim, Mr. McLaughlin said the part of the Tower Building property not incorporated into the Legislative Assembly parking would be converted into a public green area.

Mr. Tibbetts said it was still uncertain when the Tower Building would be demolished.

The demolition project was put out to tender last year, but the job only elicited one bid, which was not acceptable.

‘The problem is no one wants the liability that goes with [the demolition project],’ Mr. Tibbetts said.