Students learn about the Red Cross

The Director of the Cayman Islands Red Cross recently visited students at East End Primary School.

Jondo Obi was there to share information about the role of the Red Cross, the history of the organisation and information on hurricane preparedness.

The students listened eagerly as Mrs. Obi presented a video about how the Red Cross movement began. She also explained that the Red Cross has been providing service to the Cayman Islands for 45 years.

The children were very keen to learn more about the Red Cross. Their good listening skills were evident when a quick review and quiz was given and all the students eagerly raised their hands to give the correct responses. The children were awarded special Red Cross pens.

The Red Cross is always willing to visit schools and youth groups to share information about the organisation. Presentations can focus on hurricane preparedness as well as some basic first aid instruction and safety reminders geared to youth. For more information about the Red Cross please call 949-8675, Monday to Friday between 9am – 5pm.