Today’s Editorial July 05: Help control gas costs

Are you worried about the ever-increasing price of gasoline?

We are.

It seems that every time we pull into a gasoline station the price at the pump has inched up.

It’s getting more and more expensive to keep our gas-guzzling automobiles running.

It’s not the weekend or holiday trips to visit family and friends in other areas of the island that cause us to use more gasoline.

We use most gasoline going to and from work.

Except for the few people who live close to their places of employment, most of us get to work in an automobile and from the bird-eye view of feeder roads coming in to George Town, most of us are making the commute alone.

We spend a lot of time on the road, sitting in traffic, running the engine idle and emitting carbon monoxide.

Our hard-earned money is essentially vaporizing before our eyes.

So what’s the answer?

We conserve.

We carpool.

We invest in environmentally friendly vehicles.

We ride bicycles.

We buy motor scooters.

We walk.

We do everything we can to wean ourselves from the consumption of gasoline.

For those of us who still have to drive to and from work, there are some things we can do to curb the consumption of gasoline in our vehicles.

• Reduce the use of your air conditioner at low driving speeds. When driving over 40 mph using the air conditioner costs less fuel than having windows open.

• Park in the shade and/or leave windows slightly open to reduce the need for air conditioning.

• Avoid hard braking and sudden stops. Stay alert and anticipate traffic lights, stop signs and merges. Use turn signals. Traffic will move more smoothly, which saves fuel for everyone.

• Replace air and fuel filters regularly as instructed by your vehicle’s maintenance manual; change air filter more often if driving in dusty conditions.

• Keep your engine properly tuned.

It’s not likely that gasoline prices are going to come down anytime soon, especially in light of the tense situation in the Middle East with Iran.

While we can’t control the price at the pump, we can control how much gasoline we use and therefore how much money we let vaporize.