Keep crime out of Cayman Islands

USA national news recently targeted crime against American tourists in the Caribbean, specifically Aruba, Turks and Caicos and the cruise ships.

Safety is becoming a big issue for travelling Americans.

The Cayman Islands government must do all it can to fight crime in the islands.

Tourism is important to the islands and the fear of crime and personal injury is a concern of today’s traveller.

The Cayman Islands has enjoyed a very low crime rate in the past, but as we have seen recently, it is starting to become a major concern to tourists, Caymanians and expats.

The people of the Cayman Islands have always been considered the most law abiding, honest and educated people in the Caribbean (in the world in my opinion).

I purchased my home in North Side 11 years ago after visiting most of the islands in the Caribbean.

I settled on Grand Cayman and North Side in particular, because of the wonderful Cayman people.

Don’t let a few incorrigibles wreck what so many Caymanians built over many tough years.

Vincent Macaluso