Cayman message floats to UK

It must have been an arduous journey, but a message in a bottle sent from Grand Cayman waters over two years ago, has been found 3,000 miles away across the Atlantic Ocean.

This heart warming tale was reported on an online news report on website Devon 24. The message was found in Westward Ho, North Devon, England, which has two miles of sandy beach known as the Golden Bay.

Martin and Ruth Staddon, of nearby Bideford found the message while strolling along the beach.

The message had been written and dropped into the sea by a couple, Erik and Nicole Landrowski of Illinois, who visited the Cayman Islands two years ago for their wedding.

The article notes that the couple married here in May 2004 with some 30 friends also visiting to celebrate their wedding. ‘Their message was launched from a boat while out fishing the day before the ceremony,’ said the article.

The message invited the finders to get in contact with the senders by including their e-mail address and home address in Elgin, Illinois.

The finders were in the process of replying to the message which they had discovered.