Today’s Editorial July 07: Walk against violence tomorrow

We’re good about coming to the aid of causes in the Cayman Islands.

We get another opportunity tomorrow at the Walk against Violence.

Men, women and children are urged to trek to Safehaven tomorrow morning to show they’ve had enough of violence in Cayman.

While all violence is bad, domestic abuse is some of the worst violence that can occur.

Women are usually the victims of domestic violence, but men can be victimized too.

Because of its hidden nature, domestic violence almost always takes place behind closed doors.

Why don’t the victims leave? For a variety of reasons.

A man may be afraid to leave an abuser because it could separate him from his children.

A woman may not leave an abusive situation because she can’t make it on her own financially

Domestic violence cuts across all ethnic, racial, religious and socioeconomic lines.

It also affects children.

The American Psychological Association reports that a child’s witnessing the abuse inflicted by one parent upon the other, even if the child is not physically abused, can be among the strongest risk factors for transmitting violent behaviour from one generation to another.

It must be kept in mind that domestic violence is a form of learned behaviour.

The trauma those children experience by observing the abuse can manifest itself later in life to self-destructive behaviours such as the use of drugs and alcohol and promiscuity.

It causes a sense of helplessness in children who begin to see the world as unpredictable, hostile and threatening.

Domestic violence has increased in the Cayman Islands. One only has to look at the weekly court dockets to see more and more people are facing charges of domestic violence.

Some of the offenders are put in jail; some are sent to counselling.

The Caymanian Compass is determined to help bring an end to domestic violence in the Cayman Islands and will do its part by publishing the names of men or women found guilty of domestic abuse.

If you raise your hand to your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband you should be ashamed and shamed publicly.

There’s no excuse for any type of violence, especially domestic violence.

The issue of domestic violence has been removed from the shadows and what was once a topic kept quiet or talked about only in hushed tones is now openly discussed.

And it should be discussed loudly until it stops.

If you feel strongly that violence of any form is wrong, pull your best pair of walking shoes out of the closet, put them on and lace them up.

Be at Safehaven tomorrow at 6.30 to register for the 5-K walk. Then, walk against violence.