Customer service does exist

Last Christmas, I purchased my two boys an IPod Shuffle each, from a small electronics store close to town.

After a few days of use, one of the IPods was malfunctioning and I returned it to the store to ask them to repair it, even at my own cost if it was not covered under its brand new warranty.

I called the store back and they said they were unable to repair the IPod and when I asked them if they could return to the manufacturer for me, they said no, that was something I would have to do.

There was nothing more they could do for me – (potentially CI$200 down the drain).

Shortly after this, I discovered a nice little electronics store that had opened next to Hurley’s at Grand Harbour in Red Bay called Cyber Joe’s and I had purchased a couple of items from them as their prices are very reasonable compared to the competition.

Since I was passing the CyberJoe’s store I went in, explained the situation and asked if they did repairs.

CyberJoe’s took the I-Pod and said that although they could make no promises, they would willingly do what they could for me, even though I had not purchased the item from them.

I provided them with my receipt (from the other store) and my credit card slip and they arranged (through Alphasoft, who I believe are the Apple agents) to get the IPod returned to Apple in the US. Within a couple of weeks, I got a call that the item had been replaced for me, at no cost.

Now this is what I call customer service.

Look at the difference.

The store where I purchased the item virtually turned their back on me once they had my money whereas CyberJoes/Alphasoft took it upon themselves (with no real incentive) to go out of their way to help me.

This restores my faith in the ‘Buy Cayman’ slogan. It is nice to see a store that not only goes out of its way with customer service but also keeps its prices at a very reasonable level, which makes the necessity to buy in the US obsolete.

Thanks to CyberJoe’s and Alphasoft.

The other store (you know who you are) – take a leaf out of these companies’ books. You will stay in business much longer.

Brian Connolly