US president’s war wrong

In the article about the most recent suicides at Guantanamo the commander of the prison states that operations at the facility served ‘a vital role in the US-led war on terror.’

That statement is erroneous in several ways.

For one thing to say that it is a US-led war implies someone is following.

But no one is, and an increasing number of Americans simply want Bush to call a halt to a war he had no mandate to start.

Most European nations and human rights organizations throughout the world have condemned the existence of Guantanamo and called for its closure and they have done so not to antagonize or question the authority of Commander-In-Chief of the United States (although he probably doesn’t see things that way), but because it contravenes principals of human rights set out in The Geneva Convention to which the United States was a signatory.

As most people are aware in response to previous allegations of abusing the rights of prisoners of war President Bush said that they are not covered due to the fact that… he, as Commander-In-Chief, can make those decisions. (Let’s face it, he likes being called Commander-In-Chief).

But if they’re not prisoners of war according to The Geneva Convention it follows that there isn’t any war, although inconveniently they are in fact prisoners in a military prison.

Also, according to George Bush’s logic the list for the past few years of the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians and American troops must be a typo.

But because this US-led war on terror (or non-war depending on who’s doing the terrorizing) has had such far-reaching effects perhaps it is time to ask precisely what it has accomplished.

To that end we should ask ourselves the following questions. Answer yes or no.

Has George Bush’s self-proclaimed war on terror lessened the threat of worldwide terrorism, or increased it?

Do U.S. citizens feel one iota safer since the war on terror began or has George Bush’s fictionalized war on terror merely succeeded in creating mass paranoia among the American people? Not to mention creating amazing profits for companies like Halliburton.

When we observe what is taking place in the US are the rights and freedoms of the American people being protected by Bush or are there fewer of them all the time?

Will the war on terror finally be over when there aren’t any civil liberties worth protecting in the United States?

Will due process become just a quaint term from before the war began? I am of course referring to warrant less wire-tapping and sifting through personal banking information.

And this is a multiple choice question: exactly what freedoms are being protected from outside danger when those freedoms are at the whim of the President and Commander-in-Chief from within?

But maybe that is all worth it if Americans feel more confident traveling throughout the world with George Bush as their president.

Do they?

When under his command the US military arbitrarily invades a country in order to free it from oppression and US troops subsequently torture prisoners and murder innocent civilians what do you suppose would be the answer?

As for the rest of us, does anyone feel safer?

Let’s have a show of hands.

Everyone who feels safer with George Bush raise your hand. Not too high…Homeland Security may be watching.

It is my opinion George Bush has done more to de-stabilize and create friction and factions on this planet than any other world leader in recent history. He said that he was a war president as if it was his desire.

The fact is everywhere he looks he sees an enemy or potential threat and everything he touches turns to mayhem. He hasn’t the slightest vision of a future without war or even the slightest clue how to accomplish it. Or any other clue for that matter. How a nation as wonderful as the United States could elect such an imbecile is beyond me.

The legality of the first election is still in question, or should be still in question. And the second victory came out of fear, and the timing is just as questionable.

Aside from these inconvenient truths the sad fact is Bush’s wars will never end. It’s a lifestyle choice quite simply.

At present, with no end in sight to the conflict in Iraq (let’s not call it a war) Bush is busily preparing to confront (read make war on) two other dangers to our security; Iran and North Korea and of course is basing it on the same sources of information, which told him about the weapons of mass destruction, which proved to be non-existent – another inconvenient truth.

This conflict and the ones being planned are about profits, and oil, and have nothing to do with terrorism or creating a safer world to live in.

The man (George Bush) is simply a puppet and his desire to be called Commander-in-Chief is being played on by people who have everything to gain by continuing conflict (it’s no surprise the vice- president had or has interests in Halliburton).

Unfortunately, George Bush isn’t bright enough to know that he’s a puppet. Nor will he stop because he also isn’t intelligent enough to see the consequences. Our only hope should be in the underlying decency of the American people to put a stop to it. That is… if they can still be allowed a valid election.

A. Creasey