No smoking law welcomed

If smoking bans in public places can work in large states and cities in the US, e.g. Los Angeles, why can’t it work here in Cayman?

True, Cayman is much smaller, but if such a law passes here, then everyone must abide.

Will there be less business? I don’t think so.

Tourists will still come and people will still eat out.

My husband and I own Neptune Restaurant and we usually request no smoking inside.

However, since there is no law prohibiting it, we do allow those who insist. We have had no strong complaints. Most smokers dine out on our patio if they wish to smoke.

I personally would prefer the no smoking in public places law.

However, this stance may be thought of as too strong.

Perhaps smoking can be allowed in outdoor bars only.

This way, diners can enjoy themselves without inhaling others’ smoke.

If I had my way, there would be no smoking in public buildings, including restaurants.

Norma Webb-Lopez