US constitution protects enemies

In reference to the United Supreme Court rejecting Guantanamo war trials, America, with all of its warts and faults, shines again as an example of a constitutional democracy.

Yes, they are under attack by forces that want to destroy civilization as we know it, but the US constitution protects even its enemies.

If this were not so then they would have allowed their enemies to drag them down to their level.

Under our Parliamentary Democracy system mandated by Her Majesty’s Government, similar government actions would never be successfully challenged in a court of law.

Even if there was the slightest chance that there was a court action and it were successful, then overnight by an Order in Council HMG would then legalize any government action.

The UK Parliament, in discussions on the governing of the Overseas Territories, the Order in Council is referred to as their Nuclear Option and they are also questioning whether HMG needs to develop cleaner weapons to govern the OT’s.

Billy Adam