Pampering your health from head to toe

Many spa treatments are labelled ‘full-body’, yet often miss out on the top and the bottom of every human body – the head and the feet.

Pamela Lea Plaza

One of many friendly faces to meet and greet you, Pamela Lea Plaza, Spa Coordinator, checks in a client as they arrive for their appointment. Photo: Anna Wootton

With the Hair, Scalp and Foot Therapy treatment at the Silver Rain Spa in the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, these areas become the focus.

Certainly, when receiving the treatment, it becomes very hard to stay awake.

This is the only treatment at the Silver Rain Spa that involves two therapists simultaneously working on one client.

A therapist slowly and thoroughly applies a deep conditioning oil to your scalp, finishing off with a head massage. This process leaves your hair gleaming while you sink into a deep state of relaxation from having your scalp tended to.

‘We part the hair at various points so we can go through the hair inch by inch,’ explained Massage Therapist Ryan Dalton. ‘This ensures full coverage.’

Afterwards, clients are advised not to condition their hair. ‘The oil acts as a conditioner in itself, so we recommend that you just shampoo your hair twice,’ explained Massage Therapist Robert McCluskey.

‘You can leave the oil on for as long as you want,’ added Mr. Dalton. ‘Anywhere from 20 minutes to sleeping with the oil in overnight.’

The oil contains nutrients that help your scalp, an oft-neglected area.

‘Our scalp gets exposure to sun and the elements,’ said Mr. McCluskey. ‘It’s important to look after it.’

Keeping your scalp well nourished and moisturised with applications of deep conditioners or oils is also necessary to avoid dandruff, which occurs when a dry scalp starts flaking.

‘Your hair looks really nourished and moisturised after this treatment,’ Mr. McCluskey said.

Another therapist works on your feet as your hair is treated. Feet are thoroughly exfoliated and then moisturised and massaged.

‘We use the microdermabrasion cream to exfoliate feet,’ stated Mr. McCluskey. ‘The cream is made of quartz crystals, pearls and diamonds. It’s very fine, so we wash it off afterwards.’

Feet are massaged with a combination of a moisturiser with buffing oil. ‘This contains algae, that has nutrients and minerals which are then absorbed into the skin,’ said Mr. McCluskey.

La prairie’s Essential Exfoliator is also a product used in the foot massage. This uses apricot seeds to buff the feet, which are not as fine as the granules in the Microdermabrasion Cream.

A treat not expected from the title of the treatment is a hand massage that takes place once your feet have been treated.

Hands are also massaged with an exfoliator. ‘It makes your hands very soft,’ said Mr. Dalton.

The health benefits of this treatment, then, are wide and varied but the relaxation cannot be matched.

‘We’ve had many people fall asleep during this treatment,’ said Mr. McCluskey. ‘It is extremely relaxing.’

To book an appointment at the Silver Rain Spa at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, or for more information on the treatments they offer, phone 815-6900.