Thanks for a great vacation

My first trip here to Grand Cayman to visit my family was rudely interrupted by Hurricane Ivan.

My plans for a relaxing vacation were cut short.

Instead of a laid back tourist, I became a volunteer recovery worker with all my neighbours.

The power and water were out but it was no big deal. I had fun.

It’s been almost two years since and now I’m back for my second trip and the island looks so much better.

My Stingray City experience was awesome.

While I was snorkeling near the reef I caught a glimpse of an eel and I even patted a shark that was spying on me nearby.

SMB is so beautiful.

I like to go snorkeling there almost everyday.

Now that the roads are all clear I can also play football with the friends I made the last time I was here.

I got a chance to see some of Grand Cayman’s wildlife.

I’ll tell you one thing; Canada sure doesn’t have wild chickens running rampant through the streets.

This trip has been the definition of a perfect vacation!

Matthew Burke, age 12

Regina, Saskatchewan