Deal Ebanks wins People’s Choice

The McCoy Prize People’s Choice award was announced Tuesday with Deal Ebanks scooping up the coveted prize.

The award, the final one to be announced out of six, was voted for by visitors to the show at the National Museum support facility at Passadora Place.

‘I am really excited to have won,’ Mr. Ebanks said. ‘The award means a lot to me as it is voted for by the public.’

Mr. Ebanks’ winning piece, The Impossiball Gig, was entered into the craft category of the show, which opened 25 May. The piece is a creative take on a gig (a spinning top traditionally used in children’s games) and created of hand-carved mahogany.

‘It gives me great satisfaction to know that the traditional arts appeal to the masses and this award will encourage me to continue doing what I do,’ Mr. Ebanks said.

Sheree Ebanks’ photograph, The Light Bath, and Wray Banker’s fine art piece, Average West Bay Superheroes, were close behind.

National Museum deputy director Leonard Dilbert, part of a team responsible for co-ordinating this year’s prize, said that about 150 ballots were collected, of which about 15 were spoilt.

Although he was unable to comment as to whether this number was higher or lower than expected, he said that it was a satisfactory number of votes to have some meaning to the pattern of voting.

The show is planned to finish Friday, 28 July. Mr. Dilbert said that they are in the midst of organising a final event to take place on Saturday, 29 July with details to be confirmed. He said that the planned event would likely to include live traditional music, displays of craft and food for sale.

The McCoy Prize was set up by the North Side’s McCoy family in 2001 with a mandate to encourage, promote and reward Caymanian artists. Since it’s inception it has continued to grow and this year over 40 artists submitted work, however with the introduction of a pre-jury for the first time in the prize’s history, just 19 artist’s work were included in the final line-up.

Mr. Ebanks said he will enter next year’s prize and is already working on his piece. Although he was able to reveal that it would be a traditional craft piece along the same lines he remained tight-lipped on the finer details.

The McCoy Prize exhibition is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm.