Sea wall nearing completion

Residents of Boggy Sands Road can expect reductions in beach erosion once the sea wall along the West Bay coast is completed.

The wall, constructed of sheet pilings, provides a barrier to prevent further land erosion on a permanent basis.

With construction nearing completion, the focus is now turning to landside beautification and development, said a GIS press release.

Various government representatives recently met with the engineer and contractors at the site to review plans for the development of a new recreational area for those who wish to stroll along its boardwalk or take in the beautiful scenery in this historical area.

Designed by Cayman Engineering and Surveying Ltd. and built by Robson Construction, the sea wall stretches 795 feet along the western cost line and is anchored 30 feet into ground to withstand the force of most hurricanes.

Financial provisions made in the 2005-06 budget for the capping of the pilings and construction of the retaining wall will cover completion of this phase of the project.

Tourism Minister Charles Clifford said that although there is no specific provision in the 2006-07 budget for phase 2, the ministry would review the budget later in the year and, if there are savings on other projects, consideration would be given to redirecting that funding.

‘We acknowledge the importance of this project for West Bay residents, and we are therefore in the process of allocating necessary funds to beautify the area,’ he said.

As the next step, the national Beautification Committee will be considering plans to spruce up the area, making it a tranquil haven for local residents and tourists.

Leader of the Opposition McKeeva Bush, who initially started the project under his ministry in June 2004, commented: ‘This wall saved central West Bay during Ivan, and it will continue to benefit local residents in the future.’