Community Service an alternative

Keeps offenders out of prison

The Cayman Islands Government Probation Aftercare Unit has designated this week as Probation and Parole Week, Community Rehabilitation is Everybody’s Business. The Caymanian Compass will include daily articles about the unit to help the community fully understand what the service provides.

Ricardo Sealy and Blonde Uzzle

Probation Aftercare Unit Community Service Coordinators Ricardo Sealy and Blonde Uzzle. Photo: Tammie C. Chisholm

Community Service is a Court mandated order, used as one option for sentencing offenders. Community Service is a community-based order, which may be ordered alone or in conjunction with a Probation Order.

The duration of a Community Service Order is 12-months.

However, persons may be sentenced to hours ranging from 40 – 240 of non-paid hours.

Despite being supervised in the community, Community Service is not meant to be viewed as a way of preventing or minimizing punishment for wrong doing.

However, it is a more constructive form of punishment, by which meaningful and challenging tasks are carried out to the benefit of the community.

In addition to allowing an offender to make amends by given something back to the community through personal efforts, Community Service can also be viewed as an alternative to prison and as a balance of punishment and rehabilitation.

Although, such an option can be beneficial to the offender as well as the community on a whole, it is important to note that failure to comply with this court order, would result in the return to court and alternative sentencing.

Persons sentenced to Community Service are supervised through the Probation Aftercare Unit, Community Service Coordinators, Ricardo Sealy and Blonde Uzzle.

Placements can be arranged through various organizations and projects in the community and may be supervised on an individual or group basis.

The list of placement providers is extensive and a special thanks is extended to these organizations for accommodating Community Service clients and for working in conjunction with the Probation Aftercare Unit.

After all ‘Community Rehabilitation is Everybody’s Business’.

Below are comments from a few Placement Providers:

The grounds are being properly maintained by those who are giving back to the community by way of community service… I would like to commend them once again for a wonderful job done over the past year…

Given the task of painting all the outdoor play equipment and several doors…the project was tackled with enthusiasm and a very good job was done… (client was found) to be very disciplined and pleasant…

Persons having to do community service a very valuable project. We have found person to be enthusiastic whilst here. The service has helped us greatly with jobs we would have to seek help with elsewhere. We appreciate you sending use someone and hope the service will continue in the future. It is an excellent way of fulfilling community service, especially as we are a non-profit organization.

We would like to formally thank the Probation Aftercare Unit for their unique efforts to link together individuals who have a need to perform Community Service hours and those in the community who have a need for workers.