LA to take on law, order

The coming July-September session of the Legislative Assembly begins Friday with a busy schedule.

Several law and order issues will be addressed including changes to the Law Reform Commission, establishment of a Drug Court, establishment of a new Commissioner of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Bills dealing with child pornography, human trafficking alternative sentencing and electronic monitoring will also be debated

The financial community anticipates the outcome of the Banks and Trust Companies (Amendment) bill, which will increase the regulatory power of the Monetary Authority in relation to banks and trust companies, in accordance with recommendations to the International Monetary Fund.

Similarly, the Mutual Funds (Amendment) bill will increase the Monetary Authority’s regulatory powers in relation to mutual funds and mutual fund administrators.

Proposed financial-services sector fee increases include the Legal Practitioners (Amendment) bill, increasing operational license fees for law firms employing six or more attorneys-at-law and the Trusts (Amendment) bill, which will increase the registration fee and annual fee payable by exempted trusts.

Another new bill to be submitted for Cabinet is the National Archive and Public Records Bill. It deals with the implementation of new systems to create, manage and dispose of the records of public agencies.

On the health front, the new Tobacco Bill will be aimed at reducing tobacco use.

Debate on planned reforms to immigration laws are not on the agenda.