George Town Sports Club wins Digicel National League

Digicel Continues to raise the standards of telecommunications and community support in Cayman and this year another bar was raised for Men’s Basketball. Traditionally, the CIBA Men’s League showcases talent and excitement, but the level of play and strategy has always been limited because of the lack of true basketball statistics. Spectators, Players and Coaches alike all agree on one thing; The Digicel National League 2006 was by far the most exciting league in CIBA’s history!

Players were able to set personal standards for themselves and track their progress due to the meticulous information being recorded each game. The best players were truly seen for who they were because the stats gave a more complete picture of a person’s game; their free-throw shooting percentage, their assists, steals, turnovers and rebounds per game gave players the recognition they once didn’t receive and allowed them to aspire for other goals besides the top scorer; after all, the top scorer isn’t always the best player.

Stats also lent to proper strategizing for coaches; it allowed them to properly plan for their opponents by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses as well as dominant players. Of even more importance, fans were able to get a better visual of the game and a player’s performance when hearing several aspects instead of only one. This wouldn’t have been possible without Digicel’s Sponsorship of the league which enabled statisticians to be hired for the huge task.

But when the final whistle sounded it was the reigning champions, George Town Sports Club, that would emerge victorious once again and showing their dominance of the competition; GTSC has won the Big Four Tournament Title for 3 of the past 4 years and lately has been lead by the emerging stars Jorge Ebanks and Phillip Barnes. During the championship series against the much improved Esso Blazers, Barnes averaged 25 points, 14 rebounds and 4 assists per game while Ebanks averaged 32 points and 6 steals per game. Another player that stepped up for GT and was integral in their success was Jonothan Mitchell; Mitchell averaged an unprecedented 18 rebounds per game and did a lot of the ‘dirty work’ for the team.

Digicel’s support of basketball in Cayman has created an incredible surge of enthusiasm and even more teams are expected next year.