Youth pitch in for recovery

A group of volunteers from Youth for Christ International spent a week out of their summer break to assist with various community projects on Grand Cayman.

The group comprised of more than 30 high school seniors and college students from Indianapolis, Indiana, who were guests of Youth for Christ Cayman. They were in the island from 1-9 July.

The YFC volunteers joined the National Recovery Fund in its housing restoration efforts on 5 July when the group painted the houses of Ora McField on Hapline Road and Maxwell Solomon off School Road, George Town.

Both homes were repaired by the NRF. Prior to this, the group assisted the NRF with taking inventory of its building materials at its East End storage site.

Aside from assisting the NRF, the YFC team also visited the Young Parents Programme where they helped the group move back into their home at the Full Gospel Hall Church in West Bay, Sunrise Training Centre and the Pines. On 2 July, they distributed water bottles to beach goers at Seven Mile Beach.

Sean Johnson, Youth Minister of the Epworth United Methodist Church in Indianapolis articulated the goals of the visiting YFC group by saying: ‘We wanted to give assistance outside of our borders because we realize that everybody has needs and people are the same everywhere.’

Tonya Mitchell, Coordinator with Youth for Christ Cayman, acknowledged the hard working and selfless attitude of their guests when she stated that: ‘These young people have been extremely willing to participate in a number of community projects and they have made a positive difference during their visit here.’

She said that YFC Cayman will be looking to host another group next year and to get more local young people working with them on a variety of community projects.

NRF’s Director for Marketing and Development, Cynthia Arie, also praised the volunteers for their efforts and thanked them for their support of the Fund.

‘They have done a vital service to two of our homeowners with the donation of their time and skills. We at NRF value this support and applaud these young people for their generosity.’