Is help is on the way?

There are those who believe that the most important issues facing the country are the need for more roads, more school buildings, or a new location for the garbage dump.

Where I have no hesitation in saying that these are all very important issues, I am compelled to state that I believe that none of these issues should be given a greater priority than finding a solution to the high cost of living that is hurting the people of this country

I believe that it would be a reasonable conclusion to reach, in the absence of any empirical data, that most of the people in this country, if given the choice, would place putting food on the table for themselves and for their children as the No. 1 priority.

However the reality is that every day that passes wherein nothing tangible is done to lower the cost of living it becomes increasingly difficult for the average Caymanian to do just that.

Many Caymanians who were living from pay check to pay check yesterday are now actually living in poverty; the sad reality is that their income is no longer able to cover their expenses.

In an effort to remain honest and upright citizens, many are forced to reduce the amount of food that they put on the table for their children in order to pay something toward a mountain of bills.

Such poor financial conditions are fertile soil for numerous social problems.

It is disappointing for many, to see that just since the general election in 2005, the people of this country have seen three increases in electrical rates, interest rates on mortgages have increased again significantly and another increase is very likely, the cost of home insurance has increased for many, by as much as 100 per cent or more, gas prices continue to rise and health insurance has also risen.

It is against this reality that I like many others with whom I speak believe that the cost of living is the issue that must be given priority and addressed immediately by the government.

I believe that it is time for the government to stop talking to the issue and take the bull by the horns and produce some meaningful results for the people of these Islands.

They did not hesitate to give themselves a raise in salary immediately upon being appointed to office, which solved the problem for them; it’s time they realize that they have to now do something for the people and stop telling them that “Help is on the Way.”

Ellio Solomon