Two save man from drowning

The quick thinking actions of a Dive Tech operator and an Edgewater construction worker saved the life of a visiting diver.

The incident occurred around 9am on Tuesday in water behind the Cracked Conch Restaurant on Turtle Farm Road in West Bay.

Apparently the couple were undertaking sea dives when the man got into some difficulty.

Construction worker Ernest Smith said he was doing repairs at the Cracked Conch Restaurant when he heard a woman hollering for help from the water.

He said he ran out to the edge of the pier and jumped off. ‘I swam to the couple and when I arrived, I found the lady tying to keep the gentleman’s head above water. He was mumbling and throwing up. I assisted the lady by trying to get the man to shore while the lady gave him oxygen,’ he said

‘We struggled awhile until another lady showed up to render assistance.’

Divetech instructor Susan Dasher said she was working at the time in the dive shop when she heard the screams for help.

She said she quickly pulled on her flippers and mask, shouted to Edgewater workers to call 911 and ran to the edge and jumped in.

‘When I arrived, I found the brave young man trying to keep the gentleman’s head out of the water and the lady giving him oxygen.

‘I immediately removed his weights, unfastened his belt, so the he could breather much better because he was gasping or air.

‘I grabbed hold of his tank and pulled him close to me so that he would not reach around and grab me or try to get away because he was kicking and screaming a lot.

‘Along with the other man we managed to get the gentleman close to the steps leading out of the water behind the Cracked Conch.

‘I shouted for the other workers to help us get him out of the water and placed him into the recovery position to get water out of his lungs.

‘I must say the paramedics did not take long to arrive. It was about three to four minutes after we dragged him on shore when they arrived and took over.’

He was then transported to the George Town Hospital.

According to Ms Dasher, the couple, who were visitors to the island, were only doing an 18 foot dive and both were trained certified divers.

She said they were using the site behind the restaurant to do a semi closed circuit rebreather dive. A rebreather allows divers to stay underwater for a longer period of time.

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