Mr. Tibbetts reaches out to youth

Jonathan Tibbetts was presented the 2006 Young Caymanian Leadership Award this spring and has hit the ground running with his messages on leadership.

After the March event, Jonathan was bombarded with congratulatory messages and praise on his achievement. ‘The public has been very supportive and enthusiastic about the YCLA,’ he commented in a press release.

‘It’s as though I’m a celebrity. I try to use this spotlight, however, to shine on events on the Sister Islands and to try to encourage others to participate in making our islands even better.’

Jonathan, 29, has kept good to that word and has been making the rounds delivering speeches to the public and youth on leadership.

Already he has spoken at the annual Junior Achievement banquet, Children and Family Services Expo, West End Primary School graduation, Cayman Brac High School Awards presentations, Rotary Sunrise and the Outstanding Mothers award in the Brac, to name only a few.

Jonathan possesses a strong vision for developing the future leaders of the Cayman Islands.

‘I would like to see that the youth of all three islands are provided with guidance that leads them to make correct decisions. I think that our youth are honestly bombarded with material that makes them think anything is OK as long as they feel comfortable. To me that is why we have so many youth problems.

‘The youth want support and guidance. I want to be one that makes a change in our islands and I would like to see others join me in this challenge. After all, these are our Islands.’

For more information on the Young Caymanian Leadership Awards, contact Melissa Wolfe at [email protected] or 916-8335.

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