Licensing to be streamlined

Communications, Works and Infrastructure Minister Arden McLean told reporters Friday that changes coming to the vehicle licensing department will make it easier for driers and vehicle owners to get registered.

While the Walker’s Road office is now temporarily reopened, Mr. McLean vowed the first order of business would be a decentralization of the Vehicle Licensing and Transport Department.

‘We are going to remove the office from the centre of George Town,’ he emphasised. ‘We have some property along Red Bay Road where we are looking at possibly moving the main George Town office.’

Mr. McLean said the department is also looking seriously at locations in Bodden Town and Pease Bay for an eastern location, an initiative spearheaded by Perry Powell.

‘This will be a new concept that is not connected to any previous plans to open a Bodden Town location,’ said Mr. McLean.

The Minister also stated that more needs to be done to ensure efficiency with regard to the department’s infrastructure, including purchasing new processing equipment such as driver’s licence-makers.

He said that by October, residents should also see a whole new set of efficiencies with regard to vehicle inspections.

Mr. McLean said improving computer systems is a priority.

‘Ideally, we want to progress from a stage where you are able to make appointments from home,’ he said.

‘We are hoping that we will have a system in place where people can have their roadworthy inspections done by their own garages, so all their paperwork will be done when they come into the office. The goal is for people to be able to register two vehicles and be in and out in five minutes,’ he said.

The Minister also said that in the future, heavy equipment and large vehicles would be inspected on-site to speed up the licensing process.

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