New unit for public spaces

Works Minister Arden McLean has announced the formation of the much anticipated Cemeteries Parks and Jetties Unit, which will focus on making improvements to public areas across Grand Cayman.

Mr. McLean said that the hiring process for the unit’s manager is already under way. The manager’s first task will be to develop a strategic plan for the unit, whose first priority will be cleaning up George Town.

The unit will be composed of 15 to 20 existing staff previously spread out over a number of departments. Mr. McLean anticipates the unit will be housed in the former Mosquito Research Control Unit’s offices at the Marco Giglioli Building on North Sound Road.

The unit is already in the process of ordering specialty equipment, such as the department’s first mechanical beach rakes and street vacuums, as well as purchasing its own backhoe, trailers and transportation vans.

Mr. McLean said that completion of the George Town cleanup will take nine months to a year, and once it is done, the Ministry will begin a comprehensive paving program for the downtown core.

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