Zoe’s heart beats

Zoe’s heart is beating on its own, and there is no need for a heart transplant.

Zoe meets Cinderella

Zoe meets Cinderella at Disney World. The birthday party was held for her by Make a Wish Foundation. Photo: Submitted

This is the wonderful news that mother Alice Solomon received after her daughter’s latest surgery in Miami to install a bigger pacemaker.

Zoe was diagnosed with a ventricle tumour attached to the main arteries of her heart over four years ago.

Since that time, the brave little five year-old has undergone a number of surgeries and touched the hearts of many in our community and overseas.

According to the heart specialist and doctors at the Children’s Hospital in Miami, Zoe’s tumour is shrinking and there are no signs of any cancer cells, said Ms Solomon.

The other good news is Zoe will be attending the West Bay Primary School come September when school reopens.

Ms Solomon said the family left Cayman 5 July for the Miami children’s Hospital.

They stayed there for two and a half weeks to run various tests, such as an MRI and EKG’s to prepare Zoe for her new pacemaker.

While Zoe was in surgery, Ms Solomon said to keep from worrying she tried to keep herself busy with the internet and through other activities that were provided by the hospital.

She said the surgery lasted for two and a half hours.

‘I did not know what to expect when I saw the doctor approaching me with a sober look on his face. Then he said, ‘Ms Solomon, you have a miracle baby on the bed inside there. ‘What do you mean? I responded and he said, ‘Your daughter’s heart is beating on its own.’

‘What! I shouted, and he said it again. I just could not believe what I was hearing.’

‘He said the surgery was successful and he did not see any signs of the cancer cells and everything is in remission.

‘He told me he had called a heart specialist in New York and he was on his way to the hospital.

‘The doctor then asked if I would sign a consent form for medication for them to make sure that it was not the pacemaker sending the energy to the heart, but that the heart was in fact beating on it own. As a precautionary measure the doctor said he did not want to take out the pacemaker in case of a relapse, so they were going to leave it in as a back up.

‘I was ecstatic; I picked up my phone and started calling everyone I knew to give them the good news.

‘As a mother you do what you have to do for your child.’

Ms Solomon said life was hard and no one would give her a job because of having to travel off the island so often. Ms Solomon said she understood but God was good and he would find something for her.

Every month for the past four years Ms Solomon said she travelled to Miami with Zoe, but now she will only have to make the trip once a year.

When the Make a Wish Foundation in Miami heard the good news, they presented the family with tickets and accommodations for a five day stay at Disney World in Orlando Florida.

The representatives said they heard that Zoe’s birthday was the next day after receiving the good news and they wanted to bring the family some cheer.

A Cinderella Birthday party was held for Zoe.

According to Zoe’s mom, regular check ups to Miami are now a thing of the past. Her daughter’s illness will only require her to go to Miami once a year for now. If after the year and they have no cause for concerns the pacemaker will be removed.

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