Today’s Editorial August 14: Terrorism touches us all

The events of Thursday thousands of miles away from us are sure proof that the Cayman Islands is part of the broader global village.

And it’s further proof that we have no control over how world events will influence our economy.

Most of us woke Thursday morning to news that a terrorism plot to bring down in the Atlantic at least 10 airliners on their way from the United Kingdom to the United States had been thwarted in Britain.

Had the plot not been halted massive amounts of human lives would have been lost. We could have seen destruction and devastation on the level of September 11, 2004, when terrorists killed thousands in New York and Washington.

Although 9-11 happened in the United States, we felt the effects here in the Cayman Islands when tourists stopped coming to our shores.

Likewise on Thursday visitors and residents trying to get off Grand Cayman began feeling the effects of the terror plot in London.

Flights from the United States and other countries were delayed, causing a domino effect here.

The chance that some of those behind the plot had escaped detention forced airports around the world to crack down on security causing great inconvenience to travellers.

One of those inconveniences involves the purchase of duty-free liquors and perfumes at the Owen Roberts International Airport because the transport of liquids outside of checked bags was suspended Thursday.

We, like the duty-free retailers, hope the ban on liquids eases soon. A continued ban has global implications on travellers and economies.

While we are being inconvenienced, for now, because of the terror plot, we can all breathe a little easier in the knowledge that there truly is an international effort to keep us all safe from terrorists.

The sharing of intelligence saved hundreds of innocent lives.

If several planes had fallen from the skies the air transport system would have been paralyzed for days, if not longer.

That would not bode well for the Cayman Islands, where our economy depends on stayover tourists.

Those who are travelling via air will be inconvenienced for a while as the UK and the US, along with the rest of the world, assess the terrorism threat.

So the best advice is to get to the airport early if you’re going to travel and make sure you know what can and can’t be carried on board.

While just about every airport is singing from the same hymn sheet as far as what is and isn’t allowed on board, some airlines and countries have added to those lists.

Make sure you know what you can and can’t take.

But most of all, take your patience.

We’re facing a global enemy, whether he attacks the Cayman Islands or not. Terrorism does touch our little country.

Just remember 9-11.

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