US Consul steps down

Gail Duquesney is no longer serving as the US consular agent for the Cayman Islands.

Mrs. Duquesney told the Caymanian Compass that she had held the position for eight and a half years and it was getting too much for her along with everything else, including running her business, Adventure Travel, located at Grand Harbour.

Although Mrs. Duquesney said she really enjoyed the role and it was a great job, she added, ‘I think over eight years was enough. It was conflicting with my business as it was a 24/7 job,’ she said.

The role of the US Consular Agent is to assist Americans in the Cayman Islands.

The U.S. Embassy in Jamaica explained that the part-time position was first created over 20 years ago, at some time in the latter half of the 1980s.

The consular services and assistance provided to American citizens residing and visiting the Cayman Islands include the acceptance of US passport applications and the acceptance of applications for Consular Reports of Births Abroad.

‘We also assist Americans who have been the victims of crime, have been arrested or have been seriously injured while in the Cayman Islands. The US Consular Agent also assists the families of Americans who die in the Cayman Islands,’ said a statement from the Embassy.

While a replacement has not been identified, the position was advertised in local newspapers in July and applications are being reviewed, said the Embassy.

Consular services for the Cayman Islands are being handled by the Embassy in Kingston. It is expected that an officer will travel to the Cayman Islands every few weeks to accept applications for US passports and Consular Reports of Births Abroad. The Embassy has stated that it intends to advertise the dates on which such services can be provided.

Until Mrs. Duquesney’s replacement is announced, inquiries for American Citizen Services should be directed to the US Embassy in Kingston, Jamaica at (876) 935-6000.

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