Death proves speed kills

Speed kills.

Sad, really, when you think about it.

All these kids in such a rush to grow up and start driving like the adults they’ve envied for years. And instead of taking seriously the privilege to legally operate a motor vehicle with other people who take safety and responsibility as a duty instead of taking it for granted, the children on this island beat a hasty path into an early grave.

The situation in Cayman is deplorable. It’s out of control and it’s a disgrace to responsible oversight of the well-being of Cayman’s citizenry and residents. It’s time the government said ‘enough is enough.’

Raise the minimum age limit for licensed drivers to 21. Ban – don’t limit – BAN all performance enhancing modifications to all vehicles licensed for operation on public roads – period. BAN any after factory modifications to any vehicle operated by a driver with fewer than 10 years driving experience. BAN the operation of performance-enhanced vehicles by all drivers with fewer than 10 years driving experience. BAN the operation of all vehicles by drivers with fewer than five years driving experience after sunset. BAN the issuance of any driver’s license to anyone who does not score a perfect 100 per cent on a written driver safety test.

BAN the annual renewal of any drivers license to anyone with fewer than 10 years driving experience who does not take and successfully pass an annual driver safety course. BAN insurance companies from issuing auto insurance to anyone who cannot prove successful completion of this course. BAN the licensing department from issuing inspections and plates to drivers who cannot prove compliance with the above criteria. And the list goes on.

This is not a case of freedom of expression, free-market economy, the right to modify a vehicle as one sees fit. At some point the right to modify a car MUST be tempered with the privilege of driving responsibly.

You can hardly hang a ceiling fan without planning approval – but you can put a nitris oxide kit in a little car and give the keys to a kid. Genius.

And what about the marketing of automobiles? Cars aren’t toys.

They are modes of transportation and – as we’ve seen – deadly weapons when in the hands of those who do not have the skills, the experience or the maturity to safely operate them.

For far too long far too many inexperienced drivers have jeopardized far too many innocents in their high-performance cars. It must stop and it must stop NOW.

The government MUST put a swift and decisive end to it. And if the government doesn’t step in, then they may want to re-think abandoning the rollover immigration policy, because if kids keep killing themselves at this rate, you won’t be able to live without ex-pay labour for at least a generation.


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