Counsellor is taking action

After forwarding the e-mail from Chantelle Day (see page 4) I received so many responses calling for us to unite and do something about this problem that I decided I would get started.

Most people said they would volunteer to drive our youngsters who were intoxicated home at the end of the night.

If you are willing to do this please complete the information in the form attached and send it back to me along with any other ideas you might have. I will compile the list and we can go from there.

As a counsellor who deals with addictions and other life struggles on a daily basis I understand that we need to do more than just pick our youngsters up from clubs when they are intoxicated.

Education is the key and we need to start in the schools before they even go for their licenses.

Our youth need to be educated about drinking and driving, educated about speeding, educated about consequences, etc. If you would be interested in developing a programme to do this, please also indicate it on the attached form.

As Chantelle’s e-mail said we don’t want to lose another person.

Deborah Bodden, MSW, CAP, CMHP Counsellor, The Counselling Centre West Wind Bldg – 3rd Floor Block B P.O. Box 10142 PO Grand Cayman (345) 949-8789×4110 (345) 949-0767 (f)

Saving Our Youth Volunteer Form


Telephone Numbers:

My e-mail address is:

District I live in:

I would like to volunteer to (place an X next to your answer):

Drive intoxicated youth home:


Participate in educating our youth:


I have first hand experience losing a loved one to careless driving and would like to be a guest speaker


I was in a car accident myself and would like to share my experiences with others: YES NO

I currently work with youth:


If yes, where?

I have experience educating youth or developing programs:


I have experienced educating others about the effects of drinking and driving:


I work in law enforcement:



My other ideas are:

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