Health insurance checklist

CINICO, the national health insurance company, advises its members to prepare for local and overseas emergencies – including disasters – by gathering critical information on personal medical records to safeguard, along with their CINICO health insurance card.

Mark Frye, CINICO’s public relations manager and senior insurance administrator, explained that emergencies and disasters present potential obstacles for efficient medical service.

‘For example, if there is a power outage, hospital computers may be out of service,’ he said. ‘This means that a patient’s electronic medical records, including pharmaceutical information, may be inaccessible, which could create delays in medical treatment.’

Mr. Frye emphasizes for CINICO members the importance of the following checklist.

Keep information about your current medications prescribed.

Keep a list of current medical conditions known (allergies, high blood pressure, etc.) and needs, including a list of supplies.

Know your blood type.

Keep a sufficient stock of medications.

With your health practitioner, treat acute problems as soon as possible. Make an extra effort to do this before the hurricane season or an anticipated event.

Make sure that a person in your family is aware of steps 1 to 5 above.

Present your CINICO member card when registering to be seen by a health practitioner.

There are special requirements in overseas accident and emergency visits, Mr. Frye noted.

Members MUST call 866-760-3864 to obtain pre-authorization of health care services.

CINICO members must present their CINICO member card to hospital registration.


For more information about health insurance issues during emergencies, call Mr Frye on 949-8101 or visit

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