Cuba, US stance dangerous

We in Cayman and the Caribbean should be very concerned by the words of US President Bush, i.e. that he would take note of those who stand in the way of democracy in Cuba.

This can only mean those countries that support the present government in Cuba, which includes almost all of the Caribbean.

This in itself is a very undemocratic stance and seemingly a veiled threat against any who do not bow to a country that has put itself in the position of dictator to the world and does not know the meaning of democracy.

It would be in the interest of all if any newspaper would print in the centre on facing pages how officials are elected in the USA and Cuba.

This would clearly show which country is a government of those with money and which is put in place by the majority of its citizens.

And how will he help this so-called transition? For years a terrorist group, Delta Force, has been training in the USA.

Does his idea of help mean trying to create a civil war in Cuba?

Will he supply weapons to the traitors who he calls dissidents?

Maybe it’s time to help Americans in a transition to socialism. This can be done by simply telling them the truth.

If Vietnam did not open its eyes, it should realize realise Bush’s oil friends are happy with their huge profits because of the war in Iraq and the heroin dealers are gloating about the huge increase in production in Afghanistan.

So it cost several thousands American lives and billions of taxpayers’ dollars, so what?

They’re sending thank you notes to those veterans who survived aren’t they? I wonder if this includes those thousands of veterans they call homeless who live under bridges and on sidewalks?

Clive Christian

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