Today’s Editorial August 25: Put a name to your voice

Another Caymanian has had enough of the constant rhetoric and bickering concerning the rollover policy.

Paul Aiken has set up his own blog website and unlike other bloggers here and around the world who must remain anonymous for fear of being thrown out the country they’re in, he’s attached his name to it.

He’s encouraging others who live in the Cayman Islands who have an opinion on the rollover policy to make comments on his website.

Several of those who have responded have done so using their own names.

It is important that we all speak our mind on the rollover policy, but it’s equally as important that we don’t stand behind anonymity.

We understand Civil Servants in the Cayman Islands have to remain anonymous, but they too can have their say on Mr. Aiken’s website. At least one has already done so.

While Government has said that a rollover policy will remain in place, it has not banned or discouraged good, honest discussion about the current policy.

Mr. Aiken’s website offers a good forum for just such discussion.

The Government is in a precarious and unenviable balancing act on the rollover policy. Our leaders have to think of the future of the Cayman Islands while ensuring a current and future stable economy.

Any changes to the rollover policy will have to come as Government leaders listen to the people the policy most affects.

The Cayman Islands is considered to be a democracy. As such, the voice of each member of that society is worthy of note.

Whether you agree with the rollover policy or not, you must make your voice heard.

As we said, the blog website is a good place to start.

So is the editorial page of the Caymanian Compass. The only difference is that we require writers to identify themselves and print their names along with their letters.

Why hide behind anonymity? It’s possible expats on work permits are afraid they’ll lose that right to work. And we’ve already addressed the Civil Servant angle.

So that leaves Caymanians.

If you’ve got something to say on the rollover policy, speak up. We hear some of the same voices on the radio talk shows on a weekly basis.

It’s time for those the policy affects most to speak out.

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