Get your boat out now

With a tropical storm watch in effect, boat owners should start their preparations NOW. he National Hurricane Committee has issued the following recommendations:

Boats off water

Boat owners should spend today and Sunday getting their boats out of the water and to shelter.
Photo: Tammie C. Chisholm

· Take all trailers and small vessels out of the water.

· Remove boat plugs or add weight to smaller boats by filling the boat up to half-way with water. Filling it all the way could cause damage.

· Flatten the trailer tires.

· If radio equipment can be removed, take it out. Remove outboard motor and anything that could blow away.

· Store boats and trailers inside if possible.

· If boat must remain outdoors, lash both boat and trailer down with heavy rope or chains anchored to the ground and away from objects that could fall on them.

· Support the trailer axle and prevent the trailer from rolling by placing blocks against each wheel.

· If your boat must remain in the water, tie it together with other boats, at the bows and sterns, separate by protective bumpers.

· Do not tie boats parallel to the shore as waves often capsize or beach vessels in this position.

· Under no circumstances should you go out in storm conditions to check on your boat.

· While a small craft advisory is not yet in effect, residents are reminded that they should not venture out to sea as long as a tropical storm or hurricane watch or warning is in force.

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